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Sailing trips for young adults having cancer

SAILING AGAINST CANCER: Sailingrebels is a proven charitable organisation from germany, offering young adults the chance to join offshore sailingtrips especially made for them. As a crew we will get through all sailing conditions, discover new countries and cultures as well as redefine our own limitations – physicaly as well as mentaly. The ocean movements and unlimited sight will let you discover your own life from a new perspective and offer you the motivation to cross borders.

Sailing rebels take the chance, to glimpse behind the horizon instead of remaining in so called daily life safety.
They prefer to discover the sea and themselves to gain new strength, than to stay calm and passive.

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Dates 2018

Join our Crew

Planning up to 11 trips in 2018! Come on board and become a real sailingrebel, one that doesn’t fear the uncertainty and has seen the sea from its prettiest side.

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Donate for young adults with cancer

Our trips need to be financed by 2/3 via donations. The participants will cover the left over to show their personal responsibility. Please support us by donating now, so we can finance the next trips.

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