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The real heroes

The crew members of the different sailing trips, are the real Heroes.  They break through their fears, because already the registration is a first small
adventure for someone who never sailed before and who is seen as ill. As someone who should take a break for regeneraion after his ailment.

Lanzarote - Ibiza, March/April 2016

Atlantic and
the Mediterrean Sea, let this trip be very exciting. Several days without land in sight, only a small boat between the waves. Within a few days crew members
have been found, which will go very well together, due to their different stories. They don’t let stop themself neither from the expected struggles and

Here are some of the heroes:

You can see at more about their trip at Live-Blog,  Live-Blog, with periodical text- and audio-messages.


Andrea | 35 | student | lymph-node-cancer | ,,reoffender“

I’m one of the first rebels. By being crew member at the maiden voyage in march 2015, I collected a lot of energy and power for the last
12 months. Put simply (ich würd simple sagen; weiß aba net): It was indescribably wonderful to be part of this and feel the sea. But now
I am doubtful again: Studying runs not as good as expected and now I have to make decisions, to order my plans. At my second trip I want
to clear my mind and bethink on my future, take heart from silent and conversations. I am looking forward al lot and want to
cement my experiences from last year, also to offer my help to new crew members.

Nicolé | 35 | educationist| single mother| breast cancer

My diagnosis, metastasizing breast cancer, I received in 2014. The first chemotherapie and scores of surgeries I finished in June 2015.
In January I have got bone metastasis as  relapse so I’m getting treatment again. Already last year I found an article about sailing-rebels,
and as a real maritime child, it’s clear: I WANT THIS TOO. What this Sailingtrip means to me? Freedom! Feel myself again! Go beyond my limits! Get an atitude to life again! To give cancer the finger!!!!! The relapse demonstrated me: … Live each single day. – also the limits!


Daniel | 20 | student| brain tumor

At the beginning of 2011 I have got the diagnosis brain tumor the first time. After one surgery the therapy lasted until the end of the year. Subsequent
I had to fight against extreme side effects. Summer 2013; I felt good enough to get back to a regular live, but nevertheless, in July the same year
I got a relapse. The horror story began again, thinking about a normal live was unrealistic. But I also survived it. Concurrently I became acquainted
with shooting sport, which helped me a lot to get my concentration nearly back to a normal level. In a newspaper I red about sailing-rebels, now I am nervous, becaus I can sail with them. To meet young people with similar stories and problems, and
also to learn real sailing (no warm-water-sailing) is very pulsating for me. At home, in a small village, I am the only one with cancer, that’s not helpful.
Because of my breaking-out I’am proud of being a sailing-rebel.


Franziska I 25 I student culture science I lymph nodes cancer / hodgkin




Mehr zu ihrer Reise findest du im Live-Blog, mit regelmäßigen Text- und Audiobeiträgen.



Denise I 26 years I graduate nurse I Vulvacarcinom




Mariela | 25 years | hotel professional | Hodgkin Lymphom





Ronald | 27 years | IT consultant | testicular cancer





Ben, 34 Jahre, consulter jeweler, Non-Hodgkin-Lymphom





In June 2015 we saild with the 90-years old sailing-yacht Vega.

Mehr zu dieser Reise findest du im [wp-svg-icons icon=“arrow-right“ wrap=“undefined“] Live-Blog, mit regelmäßigen Text- und Audiobeiträgen.

Ingo | 20 Jahre | student| lymph nodes cancer / non hodgkin






Marina | 27 years| IT system clerk | Soft tissue tumor






Jasmin | 28 years | journalist | Multiple Sclerosis




Mehr zu dieser Reise findest du im [wp-svg-icons icon=“arrow-right“ wrap=“undefined“] Live-Blog, mit regelmäßigen Text- und Audiobeiträgen.


Andrea | 34 years| speech therapy student| lymph nodes cancer| first sailing-rebel


Hauke | 31 years | graphic designer*

hauke small






*Hauke revised the Segelrebellen symbol, so it lokks even better. Also he helps us with his design knowledge.



profil_joeJoe | 48 years| Handelsfachwirt | colon cancer




selber mitsegeln_button

annaAnna | 26 years| orthotist | Morbus Hodgkin






     Sophie | 26 years| photographer| cruise ship crew member

Man wünscht sicprofil_sophie_4h Unterstützung, kein Mitleid, kein Kranker möchte das. Meine Familie war in der Zeit mein Fels in der Brandung! ‎

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