What sailing rebels do

Segelrebellen is a nonprofit organization that enables young cancer patients to participate in offshore sailing trips.


Sailboats have nothing in mind with glorifying pirate life; also nothing with maritime freaks who renounce the country life. Rather, they are looking for distance from the dreariness of pondering.

We have had enough of a forced everyday life that many have not been able to choose for far too long. We want to get away from the mists of disinfectants, no longer want to see any pill shells on the bedside table, let alone worried faces, which save us as much as possible from our own helplessness and envelop us with cotton wool. Instead, we want something different: out at sea, the wide view, spray in the face, the security of a bunk. We would rather feel the rolling of the waves in the body, than hear the clack of rollaway beds on tile joints and the beeping of monitoring equipment. And so we go out – far from the coast and from hospitals – although we should and should „spare“ my other The unobstructed view, detached from the worries on land, frees our gaze again and behind the proverbial horizon of everyday life, where we can find solutions and perspectives for the new future.

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Segelrebellen combines a history:

We have or have had cancer, tumor disease or similar life-threatening diseases, yet we want to face life and its challenges and actively shape the future.

Unser Wirkungsplan

Who is behind it

profil_marc_rundMarc | 32 years | Lawyer, journalist, professional skipper | brain tumor
Founder of the Sailboats

In summer / autumn 2014 he founded the Segelrebellen.
Even in the years 2010 and 2012 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Sailing was his anchor and perspective for the future during chemotherapy. After graduating from law school in 2014, he decided to found the Sailors. He has been working as a sports journalist for several years and as a professional skipper for berth trips. In 2014 and 2015 he sailed a total of about 40 weeks and over 8000 sm. He has made his dream and hobby the center of life. With Segelrebellen he wants to pass on his experience from the positive effect of sailing, responding to the specific needs and expectations of young adults with cancer.

Marc’s personal story

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